Join the Team

We are an international fellowship of churches, ministers, and business people. We offer ministerial credentials, endorsements, and service to missions. We know God is building a Holy Spirit empowered ministry to impact and change the world. We are here as a servant to those who serve others. We know ministry flows out of God-ordained relationships.

We believe that the New Testament pattern is to consistently be studying to be a workman who handles the Word of God and ministry correctly (II Timothy 2:15). We place a high value on the laying on of hands for ordination and Apostolic impartation.

We desire to serve as a spiritual covering and fellowship of nurturing and encouragement. We, as the leaders, will serve as a consultant and will help implement networking with great leaders. We desire to be used by God as a support team!

We have three options for Legacy Builders:

Spiritual Parenting

  • An Answer for the Cry of Sons and Daughters
  • Settle the Identity Issue
  • Generational Blessings
  • Much More!

Ministerial Fellowship

  • Ordination
  • All-Access at Next Level Conference
  • Spiritual Oversight
  • Much More!

Life Coaching

  • Ministry and Marketplace Success
  • Apostolic Ministry Training
  • Wealth Building
  • Much More!