One of the most important things we do in life is invest in ourselves. Dr. Coy Barker has learned many traits over the years that have helped lead to his success. No matter where you’re at in life, he can relate and help elevate your life!

This is your “Take Action Moment” today. Learn how to maximize your potential. Long-term success flows out of this relationship of Life Coaching. Greater achievements await you. Start today.


  • Great leaders are having their lives unlocked to a new level of success and no longer feel overwhelmed.
  • It is an amazing joy to see the light bulb inside turn on and the transformation take place.
  • You will discover clarity of vision, greater confidence, and creativity as you connect.
  • You will experience life-changing shifts of fulfilling your dreams and move with precision.
  • Life Coaching uncovers your gifting, amplifies your success and releases your potential. You CAN take new territory!
  • Break old cycles and start new success cycles. Rewrite your future.
  • Develop your confidence and silence your inner critic. Upgrade your mindset and enlarge your vision by connecting to Drs. Coy & Dee Barker as your Life Coaches.


Tithes and offerings to this ministry are tax-deductible contributions. These gifts are used for development of Legacy Builders. We encourage all ministers that are ordained and in covenant relationship to give their tithes and offerings to this ministry.

All churches and ministers should be generous in your giving to Legacy Builders. Ministers who are ordained with a denomination that require your tithes and offerings are not required to tithe to Legacy Builders, but should give offerings monthly. Ministers who are just getting started and are still serving and connected to a local church should give their tithes to that local church, but support, on a monthly basis, Legacy Builders with a seed offering.


There is currently no charge, but tax-deductible donations are encouraged and can be made here.

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