Legacy Builders is a vision birthed out of the hearts of Drs. Coy & Dee Barker to provide a spiritual covering for ministers and ministries, which can develop, equip, empower and encourage men and women of God in the Kingdom of God.

As Apostles, Drs. Coy & Dee Barker have spent their lives in the Kingdom, helping God’s leaders fulfill their destiny and high calling. Legacy Builders is a fellowship built by relationship and impartation. This ministry will serve you as a you serve others.

We would love for you to connect to this international, multi-cultural, ministerial fellowship. God is raising up mighty men and women of God through this apostolic network of Kingdom leaders. We forward to great times together, building His Kingdom.


  • Ministerial covering and credentials to assist you in fulfilling your calling and destiny.
  • Relational network and support fellowship and accountability.
  • Apostolic momentum for your leadership, churches and ministries.
  • Development, training and equipping to enlarge your dream.
  • Impartation from mighty leaders for restoration and enablement to build the Kingdom.
  • Mentoring by Apostles Coy & Dee Barker, who have built great ministries and churches.
  • International mission opportunities.


Tithes and offerings to this ministry are tax-deductible contributions. These gifts are used for development of Legacy Builders. We encourage all ministers that are ordained and in covenant relationship to give their tithes and offerings to this ministry.

All churches and ministers should be generous in your giving to Legacy Builders. Ministers who are ordained with a denomination that require your tithes and offerings are not required to tithe to Legacy Builders, but should give offerings monthly. Ministers who are just getting started and are still serving and connected to a local church should give their tithes to that local church, but support, on a monthly basis, Legacy Builders with a seed offering.


Each year all ministers are required to pay the $100 renewal fee. Join with us in building a Kingdom Legacy, and become a part of changing our world.

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